1. Lunar New Year Snaps 2018

    18 Feb 2018
    Snapshots of Lunar New Year in Malaysia.

  2. Lunar New Year Snaps - TBWA Group \ Singapore

    05 Feb 2017
    Snapshots of Lunar New Year in the TBWA office…

  3. Lunar New Year Snaps 2017

    28 Jan 2017
    Snapshots of Lunar New Year in Malaysia. There’s food and there’s more food. Around the house… …the streets. There’s burning and more burning…

  4. Originality and ownership

    08 Jul 2015
    Rant blog post alert:   ‘Please Mind The Gap | Singapore’ was a project that I took a lot of pride in. The idea sprang from a near accident where I nearly lost my phone through the gaps between MRT (subway) train doors and the station platform doors. I was in…

  5. On Japanese design, photography and books.

    13 Oct 2014
    It’s noticeable that photography books these days are not just confined to hard case, limp-bound or saddle stitch, neither are the design layouts looking same old formulated. I hope I don’t sound too bias, but such is the case with some of the Japanese photography books that made the shortlist…

  6. Bringing the camera everywhere

    28 Jul 2014
    If I could, I would bring and sling my camera everywhere I go; to lunches, to grocery shopping and commuting to work. One would never guess what lies around the corner and in the next second, which could be very photographable. Because of this thinking, and despite peculiar looks from…

  7. On life, photography and self-publishing

    22 Jul 2014

  8. Print your photographs

    01 May 2014
    “I always tell people that the moment they are into collecting or start ordering prints, they become better photographers.” – Saul Leiter (In No Great Hurry) I can’t really figure out what Saul Leiter actually said but that is roughly it. And this is what I deciphered; there is a…

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